A very good source of information on life support systems

An excellent discussion of the the use of Ozone in life support.

Ozone Chemistry in Marine LSS 2009 Paper  

Keaffaber, Jeffrey J. "Current Perspectivesd in Ozone Chemistry in Marine Life Support Systems." In KeaffaberOzoneChemistryMarineLSSPaper.pdf.  a thorough discussion of the use of barley straw to control algae in aquatic environments. The authors give an excellent summary of the practical aspects of solar radiation and disinfection of drinking water.  

Discussion of solar disinfection of water SODIS.  Information on effects of UVA from sunlight.  Discussion of UV effects on the skin.  Much is applicable to the eye

<>   Ryter, S. W., Alam, J., & Choi, A. M. K. (2006). Heme oxygenase-1/carbon monoxide: From basic science to therapeutic applications. Physiological Reviews, 86(2), 583. doi:10.1152/physrev.00011.2005  Discussion of the stress protein heme oxygenase.  I suspect activation of this enzyme produces the high levels of iron seen in liver and serum of some animals.